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Xtracycle Electric Bosch 10E Edgerunner Review

We’re expanding our cargo bike options at the shop as we grow the cargo bike market here in Milwaukee.

This winter we got an Xtracycle Electric Bosch Edgerunner for folks to demo and play with in our cold weather months and now during our spring (and rainy) months.

edgerunner_10e_lg__20806.1448994017.920.600Nicole and Jake have been shopping around for a new cargo bike for their family- July is two going on three and is getting too big for a trailer- a familiar story for many cycling families. Living in Bay View they live in a very bikeable neighborhood and both have commuted for work and to work for’s your cargo bike experience?

I would have to ride an Xtracycle sometimes when i worked at Breakaway a million years ago. I hated it because my ankles/heels would always knick the cargo rails. Maybe that was a fit issue though. Then the only other cargo bike I’ve ever rode is the smaller front loader at Truly, and that was only around the block a few times.

What are three positives of riding the Bosch Edgerunner the week you both rode it?

One. July liked that she could see more stuff. I think she felt more part of the ride than just a passenger in a Burley.
Two. The electric assist set up was very easy for me to use, from charging the battery to putting it back in and changing speeds while riding.
Three. I felt like I could travel further distances to go do stuff and not have to worry about it taking forever and being exhausted during the way back home – because of the electric assist.

What kind of riding did you do during the week? Where did you go and what did you use it for?

We used the bike for our everyday normal stuff that we would do. We went to the grocery store and loaded the bike up. The good old coffee shop and library outing. We did a decent sized Target run with it. Jake took her sledding and was able to carry a big long sled on the bike to the park, that would have been dumb trying to use the Burley for that. I also rode it by myself, the bike laden with wine, up to Riverwest and back down to BayView, a good 15 mile trip. Oh, Jake also rode me around on it for a date night. Super fun!

Any disadvantages or experiences that you disliked?

HEAVY! I mean, I consider myself a decently strong biker, and riding the edgerunner without the assist on was tough. Especially up hill. And i only tried that when the bike was not loaded up with stuff or child.

Overall- how would you review the Electric Bosch Edgerunner? Is a cargo bike in your family’s future?

We are definitely getting some sort of cargo bike this spring. We just have to test ride a couple more options to make sure whatever we buy will be a good fit for our family.  I think one of the main things in ditching the Burley, which served us well from when July was 9 months till now (2), is that July will enjoy being more part of the riding experience in a cargo bike. The wind will be in her face, she can fully see her surroundings. Also, we’ll be able to carry more stuff with out having to get creative or using a bag. And a lot of beer for a party or something looks a little less sketchy using a cargo bike instead of piling it all in a childless Burley.

The Electric Bosch 10e retails at $5,499. We’ve got a special right now for 5% off our demo bike and includes the front Porter rack ($200) and Fenders ($75). Save $875!