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Winter Cycling Tips & Tricks from Milwaukee’s Winter Bike Party 2014

New and Budding Cyclists share their Thoughts:

What will be  your Ride?

-My Ancient Schwinn
-not sure yet

Why are you Interested in riding during the winter months?

– Because why would I want to drive?
– to gt off the couch

What are you nervous about?

-Bike Maintenance. Sh** Streets and an old bike
-My hands will be cold

What would help you be a confident winter cyclists this year?

-Encouragement and new tires
-Studded Tires

From the Experienced Cyclists:

What is Your Ride?

– Giant Iguana
– Bianchi Eastre Valley
-Surly Necromancer (Fat Bike)
-Urban Mountain Bike
-Purple Demon
– Huffy “Savanah” AKA Sophie
-Old School Schwinn
-Raleigh Steel Frame
-Fyxation Quiver 1 x 10
-Specialized Road Bike
-26″ Fat Tire Bike with fenders
– Bridgestone CB-1
– 29er Mtn Bike. Fat Bike.
– Aluminum Mixte (Huffy)

How Do You Maintain Your Ride?

– Wipe it down after riding in the snow
– Tune-Up
-Soap, Hot Water (nice). Lube, Lube, Lube, TLC
-Lots of LUBE!
-South Shore Cyclery Takes care of her
-Wipe down/lube frequently (Still working on this one!)
– Wash in slop sink biweekly
-Clean it once a week. Soapy water in a spray bottle. Turtle wax at the end.
-Clean in Fall. Lube Chain throughout the winter. Check tires and store outdoors. A Belt Drive bike helps to avoid drivetrain problems as well.
-Lube Chain constantly

Essential Piece of Clothing & Gear that “changed everything” For You?

– Gore Tech Jacket
-Studded Tires for Icy Roads
– Reflective Tights
– windproof booties
-Winter Gloves
– Waterproof Outer Pants
– Good Wheel Shovels (DIY bar mitts)
– Mittens- the ones  that fold back so you use your fingers
-Rain pants and Ski Goggles
– Very Thin Wool base layer under other layers
– Wool Socks. Mittens and Reflective bublewrap for making covers for hands and feet
– Googles. Ibex Wool legwarmes are nice too!
-Bar Mitts
-SNow Sport Helmet & Googles

Advice for New Winter Cyclists

-Dress in Layers
-Don’t Lean into the Turns
– Plan Ahead & Note that Safe Summer Streets may not be the Best Winter Streets
-Pray! (to the God of your understanding)
– Get comfortable riding in traffic. The trails and lanes will be full of snow.
-Think of like downhill Sking
-Start Slow. Don’t worry about having the perfect or “right” gear at first. It’s not as difficult or scary as it may seem. If you have warm gloves, hat and wool socks- you’ll be plenty warm
-Start getting used to 40 degrees then 35 degrees then 30 degrees. Have a cold limit your willing to go to.
-Just get our there and overdress if you are just getting started
– Have fun Don’t ride if you are not having fun.
– Don’t Worry when you Fall. You’ll be Fine!
-On slippery surfaces- maintain your line and speed


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