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Summer 2015 Used Bike Sale- Linus

At Coast In Bikes- we rent & sell all our bikes on the sales floor. We’ve had a busy season of renting bikes and are having a end of season sale on all our new (now used) bikes.

Come on in for that new commuter or winter bike- there’s still plenty of time left this summer to get many miles in on a new bike. We’ve got a selection of Rocky Mountain, Linus, Opus, All City, Surly and Xtracycle still available for purchase.

Additional photos available upon request- email or give us a call at the shop.

Shipping is available upon request and must be shipped to another bicycle shop in your area. Shipping prices will vary upon location and is $60 to box the bike for shipping.

Linus- Last Updated 11/11/2015

Linus is a California based company that makes great city bikes. Single, 3-speed or 8-speed options that all include a rear rack, metal fenders and a bell with leather grips and seat all make an affordable and classy ride.

Linus Roadster Classic Single Speed Large – $200 (Retails $465)
Linus Roadster Sport Coppertone 3 Speed Medium-  – SOLD!
Linus Roadster Sport Metallic Blue 8-Speed Medium – SOLD!
Linus Roadster Sport Marine Blue 3-Speed Large – SOLD!

This is the ultimate ride. Classic steel fenders and a distinguished character make it perfect for heading to the office or touring the avenue. Medium would fit individuals 5.4″ to 5.9″ and Large 5.9″ to 6.2″

Linus Roadster Cooper
Linus Mixtie Sky Blue 3-Speed Medium – SOLD!

This sporty ride is a timeless classic with its signature diagonal line and streamline profile. Looks good in trousers. Medium would fit individuals 5.2″ to 5.10″.

Linus Mixtie

Linus Dutchi Turquoise 3-Speed Medium- $350 (retails $599)
Linus Dutchi Marine Blue 3-Speed Medium – SOLD!

This is your classic Dutch bike, a sweeping curved frame and refined upright posture make it the elegant choice for trips to the market or just riding down the boulevard. Medium would fit individuals 5.2″ to 5.10″.

Linus Dutchi Turquise

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