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Repair Services

Custom Work

Custom Wheel Build$20/hr
20% off all parts & $20/hour labor (discounted from $60/hr). All parts must be purchased from Coast In Bikes.
Custom Bicycle BuildFree Labor
See Custom Bike Builds Page

Service Packages
Summer Price
Winter Price
Basic Service Package$70$40
Adjust brakes, shifting, hubs, headset, bottom bracket, both wheels trued, tires filled to proper pressure, light cleaning, and new lube.
Basic Cargo & Tandem$99$75
Adjust brakes, shifting, hubs, headset, bottom bracket, both wheels trued, tires filled to proper pressure, light cleaning, and new lube.
Complete Bike Overhaul$250$199
Everything in the Basic Service Package PLUS - all bearing surfaces cleaned and repacked with grease, bearings replaced as needed (cartridge bearings extra), new cables and housing, re-tension and true both wheels, clean entire bike, drivetrain cleaning, and all labor associated with installing new parts.
Winter Bike Overhauln/a$275
Everything in the overhaul package PLUS - a regular basic service package that must be redeemed by Feb. 28th. Frame Saver applied to frame and fork. Both packages must be redeemed between October 1st and February 28th.
Bike Wash & DIY Menu
Summer & Spring Price
Winter Price
Bike Wash & Lube
Detailed washing of a bicycle in our bike shower and new lube
Bike Wash & Drivetrain Cleaning$60$50
Detailed washing of a bicycle in our bike shower, new lube and entire drivetrain cleaned.
DIY Wash including Supplies$15
Use of DIY StandFree- but tips appreciated
DIY Stand Teach Time$1/ per minute
DIY Community Shop Session$16 /per hour$12 /per hour
One-on-One Mechanic Classes$60/hr
DIY Shower Punch Card [5 punches]$50
Frame Painting 
Paint Only$250
Paint with Overhaul Package$400
Common Ala-a-Carte Repair Services 
Shop Rate
$60 /hr
Flat Change/Tire Change$10 + tube
Flat Change/Tire Change/Shift Adjust Internal Hub$20 + tube
Adjust Brake$7
Adjust Front or Rear Derailleur$10
Wheel True$20
Install Spoke$5 /per Spoke
Install Brake Pads + Adjustment$10
Wrap Handlebar Tape$20
Box/Unbox Bike w/o Accessories$60
Pick Up & Drop Off Bicycle Service 
Within Milwaukee$15 /each way
Outside Milwaukee$1 /mile one way
Ala-Carte Menu 
Shop Rate$60/hr
Rush Charge$5 per day
Adjust Brake$7
Install Brake Pads & Adjustment$10
Install Brake$15
Install Brake Cable & Housing$10
Overhaul Brake$20
Bleed Hydraulic Brake$30
Adjust Front or Rear Derailleur$10
Install Shifter Cable & Housing$15
Install Front or Rear Shifter/Derailleur$20
Overhaul Front or Rear Derailleur$30
Flat Change/Tire Change$10
Flat Change/Tire Change/Shift Adjust w/ Internal Hub$20
Wheel True$20
Rim Lace-Over & Wheel Buidling$60/hr
Install Spoke$5/ per spoke
Adjust Front Hub$10
Adjust Rear Hub$15
Overhaul Front Hub$20
Overhaul Rear Hub$25
Overhaul Internal Rear Hub$60/hr
Overhaul Freehub Body & Overhaul Hub$40
Adjust Bottom Bracket$15
Install Bottom Bracket$15
Overhaul Bottom Bracket$25
Install Cassette/Freewheel$5
Install Fixed Cog$10
Install Chainring$10
Install Chain$5
Install Pedals$5
Install Crank Arm$5
Adjust Headset$15
Install Headset$30
Overhaul Headset$30
Box/Unbox Bike w/o Accessories$60
Box/Unbox Bike with Accessories$60 + charge for each accessory
Wrap Handlebar Tape$20
Install Grips$5
Computer Set-Up w/ Purchase of Computer$10
Computer Set-Up w/o Purchase$20
Install Saddle$10
Rack Install w/o Purchase$30
Rack Install with Purchase$15
Fender Install w/o Purchase$30
Fender Install with Purchase$15

Bicycle/Repair Work Pick-up Policy

If your bicycle/repair work is not picked up within one week after notification by phone or email- you will be charged $5 per day after one week unless you notify Coast In Bikes that you need more time or need to work with us regarding the charges.

At that point we will work with you as a case-by-case basis. If you do not notify us after completion of the repair work we reserve the right to charge you the $5 per day storage fee.

After two months of not picking up your bicycle/repair work- we reserve the right to sell your bicycle/repair work for at least the total amount of the work order value and your bicycle becomes abandoned property.

This policy becomes effective March 1, 2014