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At Coast In Bikes- we pride ourselves in making sure your bike is repaired correctly the first time. We also know how important your ride is to you which is why we also do appointments for bike service. Give us a call to schedule an appointment and bring your bike in the day before or the morning of to insure your service work is done with 24 hours of bringing your bike in.

FREE Pick-up and drop-off service on Monday and Fridays. Give us a call 24 hours in advance to make an appointment and we’ll pick up your bike or drop off your bike for service within five miles of the shop. Must be a minimum of $50 of service to be eligible for free pick-up/drop-off.
Outside five miles? We charge $1 /per mile each way.

Common Services

Safety Check & Estimate | Free

Flat Change | $10 + tube
Brake Adjustment | $10 per Brake
Adjust Front or Rear Derailleur | $12 per Derailleur

Frame Painting including stripping frame [Frame Only] | $275
Frame Painting [includes overhaul and stripping frame | $450

Service Packages

The Basics | $50 [Mar-Oct] | $30 [Nov-Feb]
– Adjust Shifting
– Adjust Braking
– Wipedown of Frame
– Light wheel truing as needed [on frame]
– Air-up both tires

The Deluxe | $90 [Mar-Oct] | $60 [Nov-Feb]
– All of the Basics AND
– Bearings adjusted as needed including headset, Bottom Bracket and both hubs
– Off-bike wheel detailed truing
– Includes labor for installing any new parts or accessories from the shop
– Includes installing bar tape or grips

The Works | $300 [Mar-Oct] | $200 [Nov-Feb]

– All of the Basics AND the Deluxe AND
– Overhaul of all bearing services
– Replacement of all loose ball bearings not sealed
– Detailed wheel true including re-tension and replacement of spokes as needed
– Replacement of all cables and housing with bulk stock [color options available for additional charges]

Cargo/Tandem Add-On Service | $20 per Service Package

Drivetrain Cleaning | $45 w/o Service Package | $30 w/ Service Package
– Taking off chain, both derailleurs, crankset and cassette/freewheel off bike and putting in ultrasonic parts cleaner

All Other Service Rates

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