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Consignment & Used Bikes

We offer used consignment bikes at Coast In Bikes. Think it of as as “credible” Craigslist for folks selling and purchasing used bikes. While our consignment bikes may be more expensive then craigslist, we repair the bicycle(s) to bike shop sellable condition meaning most get a tune-up and repair work it needs so the buyer will be assured of a working bicycle despite it being used.

The Consignment Process

Bring your bicycle(s) or bicycle related items such as trailers and tag-a-longs into Coast In Bikes during our open hours however ask you arrive at least an hour before we close to allow enough time to keep the process running smoothly.


We will work with you on accessing your bicycle(s) or bicycle related items based on the Bicycle Blue Book and our expertise on what the bicycle(s) will sell for.
In addition, the staff will access the bike on any repairs it may need to get it to sellable condition and when the work will be scheduled if needed.
We will also let you know what we would would do for a trade-in value if you choose to trade-in your bicycle toward a new bike in the shop.

We offer two consignment options. 

30/70. 70% goes to the consigner minus credit card fees [2%] and minus any labor or parts needed to get the bike ready for sale and 30% to Coast In Bikes.

80/20. 80% goes to the cosigner in store credit instead (no cc fees) minus any labor or parts needed to have the bicycle ready for sale.

We offer an option for the cosigner to donate a percentage of their check or in store credit to a local non-profit- our current non-profit is the Milwaukee Mobile Bike Repair Program ran by the Wisconsin Bike Fed.

The Fine Print

Any labor or parts needed to have the bicycle ready for sale can be taken from the consignment check or credit after the sale of the item. The consigner must pay for any work completed or parts installed before taking the bicycle from the shop before a final sale.

Payment will be made to the consigner by business check and will be made out to the individual seller up to two weeks after the sale or upon reasonable request. Consigner is given choice of a check or credit upon the sale of the bike. Individuals reserve the right to remove or switch their items only after the work is paid for. Checks can be picked up in person or mailed.

Current Bikes On Consignment as of 8/10/2017

Gary Fisher Tyro 24″ Kids Bike -$200-
– Includes kickstand
– Fully tuned up
– Suspension Fork
– 3 x 8 Drivetrain






Burley D’Lite Trailer-$350-
– Rarely Used
– Comes with hitch
– Easily fixed broken snap on left side
– Find out more on the Burley Website
Surly Cross Check Dk Green 49cm -$800- Sale Pending
– 2 x 9 Drivetrain
– New Bartape
– Shimano Tiagra STI Shifters
– Fully Tuned-Up

Surly Cross Check 49cm














Cannondale R1000

–  2 x 9 Ultregra Drivetrain
– Tuned up and ready to ride







Specialized Dolce 2014 48cm -$700-

– Sora Shifters
– 2 x 9 Drivetrain
– Barely Ridden and in excellent condition.

Specialized Dolce











Free Spirit Cruiser S/M -$150

– 3 Speed Internal
– New Tires

Free Spirit

Surly Cross Check Robins Egg Blue 46cm -$900-
– 1 x 10 Drivetrain (new)
– Rack and Fender included
– New Bar Tape
– Fully Tuned and ready to ride

Cross Check Blue

Zebrakeko Road Bike 62cm -$300-
– Downtube Shifters
– Tuned Up
– 10 Speed
– New Bar Tape

Zebra Road Bike

Trek Pilot 2.1 Road Bike 54cm -$600-
– 105 STI Shifters
– 3 x 9 Drivetrain
– Tuned-Up
– Includes frame pump

Fuji Road Bike

Current Non-Profit Cosigner Partner


Milwaukee Mobile Bike Repair, a Wisconsin Bike Fed program, operates 2 roving repair hubs via Bullitt cargo bikes. The goal is to train and employ high school students in bike mechanics giving them skills, confidence, and a pay check while helping to fix bikes for free for families in some of the more disadvantaged neighborhoods in Milwaukee. Operating in the Milwaukee neighborhoods of Silver City/Burnham Park and Lindsey Heights/Harambee the crews fixed over 400 bikes during the 2017 Summer. More info follow us on Facebook or find us on web at