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In Stock Xtracycle Cargo Bikes

2016 Xtracycle Edgerunner 24D with Family Kit & Yepp Seats

Available to order 2016 Xtracycle Models

We’re able to order any of the Xtracycle bikes in stock & keep a selection of accessories on hand.
Generally it takes about a week from ordering to receive and assemble your new bicycle.

Current Available models:

– 24D- 24 gears. Base Model.
– 27D- 27 Gears. Upgraded Drivetain & Parts.
– 30D- 30 Gears- Upgraded Drivetrain & Parts.
– 11i- Internal Alfine 11 Speed.
– 9e & 103 with Electric Bosch Motor

For pricing, color options & more details check out Xtracycle’s website

2016 edgerunner 24D