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Cargo & Family

At Coast In Bikes we know that Cargo Bikes can change lives. The journey started seven years ago for me with the purchase of my first Cargo Bike- the Xtracycle Freeradical on a Trek 7300.  Since then I’ve added an Xtracycle Edgerunner and a Third Coast Bike Works Bike to the collection.

Three months after adding an Xtracycle to my life, I sold my car and have lived an one car household since and have saved thousands of dollars from not having to pay insurance, gas and vehicle maintenance fees. Adding a cargo bike to my life was the best bike purchase decision I made and we want to make it comfortable for you at Coast In Bikes in helping you make those changes in your lifestyle.

If you thinking about adding some cargo to your life, outreach to us via phone, email or Facebook chat for any questions you have. We have a train table & coloring books at the shop to entertain your little ones while you work with our staff.



2016 Xtracycle 24D S/M– DEMO SOLD
– Entry level price-point. $1999 (special discount for a limited time only as of 5/1/2016)
– 24 gears. 8 x 3 Altus Shift Brake/Levers
– $249 for Family Set-Up. Includes U-Tubes and Hooptie.
– Yepp seats $199 per seat

xtracycle 24d2016 Xtracycle 11i S/M w/ Bafang Electric Kit– SALE $3,000 with Electric E-Rad Kit
– $3,299
– Internal 11 speed Alfine Hub. Great for the winter months!
– Dynamo hub efficiently powers front and rear lights. No batteries needed.
– Shimano Alfine Hydraulic Disc Brakes Front & Rear
– Additional upgrade (in shop) to Bafang Mid-Drive Electric 350w Motor.
xtracycle 11i
2016 Xtracycle Cargo Node Folding Bike NEW!- $1,400 DEMO for Sale
– Rides with smooth handling even with weight
– Able to fold and take easily in a car or public transportation. 24″ wheels nimble and quick.
– Dynamo hub efficiently powers front and rear lights. No batteries needed.
– Hydraulic Disc Brakes Front & Rear
Cargo Node
Yuba Bicycles2016 Yuba Mudo V4 7 Speed– $900 Demo For Sale
– $999 entry level price point.
– Able to fit the kid accessories including Monkey Bars and Yepp Seat(s).
– Longer wheelbase allows easily 3+ children to fit on the back or large trip to the hardware store.mundo_7speed_profile

2016 Yuba Boda Boda V3 24 Speed– DEMO SOLD. Able to Special Order.
– $1,599
– Compact design that allows to put easily on public transportation
– New longer deck allows two kids to be on the back


Flip-Flop Mini Strider with Basket and Cargo Bags [for kids]– DEMO Sold. Able to Order.
– Fits kids from 2 years old to 6
– Optional bags and basket for kids

flip-flop-arrows-aquaBike Friday Haul-a-Day– $1,400 Demo For Sale
– Starts at $1,190
– Made in the US. Lifetime warranty on frame.
– Optional accessories for kids on the back
– Choose of several custom colors upon ordering

Haul A Day
Electric Conversions Available with Bionx, EBikeKit Systems and Bafang E-Rad Systems starting at $1,600.


Douze Cycles

$4,300 starting with family kit.
3 bikes coming in soon! Demo available with E-Rad 750w kit in shop.


Surly Big Dummy– Coming Soon!

big dummy

Other Brands We Are Able to Order. We’re always looking for what folks are looking for- Contact us on what cargo brands you’re interested in!

– Larry Vs. Harry Bullitt
– Wike Bikes
– Gazelle Cargo Bikes
– Soma Tradesman & Pick Up Artist