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April Updates

Help us win $25,000 from Staples!

We’re really excited to announce we’re one of the top ten finalists for the Staples Make More Happen Contest! 

We can win up to $25,000 from Staples for supplies we need for the coffee shop we’re developing and for the bike shop- like a new service writing computer, POS system for the cafe, coffee filters & an open sign that doesn’t have a pepsi symbol on it!

People can vote once a day and also win a $100 gift card themselves. This truly will help us out in making our jobs a bit easier this year by getting supplies we need for our coffee shop at Coast In Bikes.

Thanks ahead of time for supporting a Milwaukee local bicycle shop creating a new coffee shop and bike shop together!

New Bikes & Gear

Spring has sprung and we’ve got lots of new products and bicycle lines at the shop for you to check out!

We just become a Linus dealer within the last couple of weeks. We know Linus is a great fit for Coast In Bikes because they are the utilitarian city bike…simple and reliable but have a personality and style that fits downtown Milwaukee.

Linus is a simple, affordable elegant bike that is not only for recreation and sport- but is a legitimate form of transportation- many of our journeys are under 5 miles and with ready to go fenders, rack and bags you’ll be set to go to those summer farmers markets right around the corner.

Check out more on their website and we’re hoping to have some models in the store within the next month or so!

Another new bike line we just picked up is Surly. Surly started over 10 years ago in Minneapolis with creating simple, reliable steel bikes. Currently, Surly is know for their Long Haul Trucker- one of the most reliable and affordable touring bikes on the market and cross, mountain, road and commuting bicycles. We currently have a Cross Check, Straggler, Krampus and Pacer available for test riding and also are able to build custom bikes from their frames. The Cross Check is one of our favorite frames to create your perfect commuting rig!

Check out more about Surly on their website and come and test ride one anytime! They are also available to rent for $25/day.

To expand our selection of lights we just got a order ofCat Eye computers and lights including our favorite Volt 300– one of the best deals for a rechargeable light on the market at $80 for a rechargeable 300 lumen light with an extra battery and charger.

We are  bringing in Banjo Brothers Panniers & Bags in the store soon and have a selection of pedal straps made by Scout who makes backpacks and pedal straps in Wisconsin. We are working with Scout to offer custom bags at Coast In this spring/summer.

We also have an Xtracycle Edgerunner available for test riding at the shop. We love Xtracycle as our preferred Long Tail cargo bike option as you can start as low as $450 for a basic free-radical setup to $1,499 for a complete Edgerunner.

Find out more about the Edgerunner & Xtracycle with this Video with one of the owners.

Is Your Bike Ready for the Spring?

Co-owner, Carolyn, was on WPR this last week talking about how to get your bike ready for spring. For some tips about the ABC Quick Check and what you can do to get your bike ready and maintained this spring listen to the segment online on Teach Me What You Know program!

DIY Events this Spring & Summer

We’re continuing our DIY mechanic afternoon and nights this spring and summer.

$10/hr gets you access to our tools, mechanics on hand to teach you whatever project you’ve got on hand. We’ve had people learn how to work on their brakes, shifting, build a bike, replace cables & housing & more this winter!

We also offer 10% off accessories and parts during DIY sessions. Call a week ahead and we’ll order your parts for you!

Note- we’ll be at the shop for the first hour during DIY hours- but if nobody comes, we’ll be leaving early so be sure to call if you plan on coming later!

DIY Sessions are held:

Every Sunday 3p to 6p for WTF folks (Women/Trans/Femme)

Every Monday 5p to 8p for anyone!

New Service Rates & Bike Shower (Coming Soon!)

We’ve got our new service menu up on our website including bike shower services and DIY services. Check out them today!

Also- we can make appointments for your service work. If you call or email us ahead of time- we can put you into our schedule and if you drop off your bike the night before or that morning, we can get your bike ready for you that night or the next morning. If you need some parts, stop on by and make sure we order them ahead of time.

We understand that sometimes it’s hard to be without your bike- so this allows you to keep riding until your appointment!

We also offer great deals on custom wheel and bike builds if you’re in the market for that bicycle or wheelset that you’ve been dreaming of.
Custom Wheel Build
20% off all parts & free labor

Custom Bicycle Build
20% off all parts & free labor with purchase of any full-priced frame
$30 /hr to build with one of our mechanics!

Meet Jordan our new mechanic this spring

As we’re increasing getting busier this spring- we’ve had to hire to get more of that bike work done around the shop!

Come on by sometime and meet Jordan, our new part-time mechanic. Jordan has years of working on bikes at other shops, most recently Wheel and Sprocket. He also is developing his new business, Third Coast Bike Worksin which he is building long john cargo bikes here in Milwaukee and front racks for bicycles. In the market for a new front rack or cargo bike? Jordan will love to help you get more cargo onto your bike or a new cargo bike for business or your family!

Find us on Yelp

We’ve got a new location, some great new products and services and would love to have your feedback on ourYelp page!

Consider taking five minutes out of your day if your a Yelp user and give us a review on Yelp. These help people find us and honestly- your option helps us develop Coast In Bikes only better. We truly do listen to feedback and suggestions will improve our service and we like to hear what we’re doing well!

Yours in Cycling,

Carolyn & Tristan
Coast In Bikes Co-Owners

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